Doctor explains weight gain with two most common reasons 14:57

If we are not talking about health problems, the culprit of weight gain is always psychosomatic. This is how stress, emotional anguish, and implicit eating disorders or eating disorders show their effects on the body. This was told by a general practitioner, psychologist and psychosomatologist Ekaterina Tur.

According to the expert, one of the most common causes of psychosomatic weight gain is eating disorders. Many are sure that only bulimia, anorexia and other rather serious mental disorders are associated with eating disorders. However, it is not.

“Deviant eating behavior includes a love for slimming teas, especially with cakes and scones, and endless diets such as “holiday today, slim down tomorrow.” These habits create addictions and eating disorders and are a real form of food abuse. Psychosomatologist says from childhood to end Even the “eat enough or you’ll lose strength” mentality is devastating and often leads to serious weight issues.

He recommended that in order to understand whether eating disorders are the cause of weight gain, it is necessary to understand whether the diet is a self-abuse, whether negative eating habits were instilled in childhood.

“The second and most popular reason for weight gain is stress-eating. At such moments, food becomes the only controllable source of happiness. And often something sweet or salty is chosen. Because such products contain exorphins, which are hormone-like substances that cause a short-term sense of inner happiness. Of the minuses: the effect is fleeting, and it creates food addiction: I eat – I become happier, ”warned Ekaterina Tur.

The doctor advised me to learn how to work with stress and increase my level of self-awareness with the help of managing emotional intelligence, not with food.

“Another reason for gaining excess weight is a personal story. This is when something happened in the past and caused severe emotional pain, forcing you to defend against the whole world. So the excess weight became a stronghold, because the instinct of self-preservation kicked in and the brain was tuned to be big and invincible, ”said the doctor.

He stated that in case of psychosomatic weight gain, one should not consume himself with diet and sports, but should re-establish his relations with food, mind and body. Otherwise, it will have a temporary effect, followed by a rebound and a set of even more kilograms if it has an effect.

The former Russians in your name The most harmful eating habits from childhood.

Source: Gazeta


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