Most fish flee to colder waters

Climate change continues to cause unusual changes in the behavior and lives of animals. Most of the population sea ​​fish they are responding to global warming to move colder waters, It is closest to the north and south poles.

Researchers from the University of Glasgow (England) analyzed available data from around the world on changes in marine fish in recent years, showing that fish populations in the World’s oceans change their sea temperature rise habits over time.

Recent study finds that in response to ocean warming, many marine fish populations are moving towards Earth’s poles or into deeper waters, all in an effort to stay cool.

For forms of marine life such as fish, the temperature of the surrounding water affects critical functions such as metabolism, growth and reproduction. Additionally, marine species often have a very narrow range of habitable temperatures, making even small differences in water impossible to assume. In conclusion, Changes in marine life caused by global warming have been up to seven times faster. than the reactions of animals on land.

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Migrate when adaptation is not possible

Over the last century, global warming has had significant effects on marine ecosystems, and in some places fish species have disappeared altogether. In some cases, marine fish can adapt and change aspects of their biology. To adapt to warmer conditions. However, in many cases, a change in geographic area may be the only way to deal with rapid warming.

While the current effects of global warming on marine ecosystems are expected to increase, and sea ​​temperature will continue to riseOur ability to predict fish displacement will be vital to protecting global ecosystems and maintaining food security.

This latest study published Global Change Biologyanalyzed data 115 species It covers all major ocean regions, with a total stock of 595 marine fish responding to rising sea temperatures. This is the first time that such a comprehensive global analysis has been made on this subject.

Carolin Dahms, lead author of the study, said:We observe a surprising trendAccordingly, species living in the fastest warming regions also show the fastest changes in their geographical distributions.”

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“It’s possible that the rate of warming in some areas was too fast for the fish to adapt, so relocation may be your best survival strategy. At the same time, we see that their ability to do so is influenced by other factors, such as fishing, with commercially exploited species moving more slowly.”

Professor Shaun Killen, lead author of the study, said: “While moving to colder waters may allow these species to survive in the short term, It is not yet clear how these changes will affect food webs and ecosystems.“.

“If the prey of these species also does not move, or if these species become an invasive nuisance in their new location, It could have serious consequences in the future.”

The study also revealed that how we measure and report these climate responses is also important. While current literature is biased towards commercially important northern species, further exploration of some of the most rapidly changing ecosystems, such as in the Global South, will be required to improve our understanding of how our oceans will change in the future.


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