Footwear seeks strategic plan from Consell and more support for IFA

“Our legs are not shaking, but the ground is more slippery and muddy than ever before. the outlook is vague and destructive“Manual Román, president of the Spanish Footwear and Leather Goods Components Association (AEC), describes in this descriptive manner the situation the entire industry is going through as a result of the covid crisis and the latest war in Ukraine. He took part in the special commission created at the Valencia Courts to give impetus to footwear, demanded the implementation of the law in this forum. a strategic plan that provides it with innovative capacity and enables it to gain competitiveness and dimension. He also requested investments in the Alicante Trade Fair Authority (IFA), where Futurmoda is held, facilities and “made of foxes,” a direct quote from Román. The Commission likewise provided for the intervention of Diputación de Alicante and Carlos Mazón, head of the Valencia PP. new EU regulations on sustainability.

Cortes hosted the new meeting of the parliamentary committee tasked with proposing a new business model to increase the competitiveness of the shoe industry in the Community of Valencia this Wednesday. The head of the components, due to the complex situation, “there are poorer and indebted companies than ever beforeAfter emphasizing that 85% of the 1,200 firms and 19,000 direct jobs in this sub-sector belong to the Valencian Community, specifically the province of Alicante, he called for a plan that includes incentives for hiring, technology transfer, promotion, among other things. It is easy financing of the consumption of the products made here without bureaucratic obstacles.” Do not compete with banks. What we need is direct help or tax deductions“, was handed over to the deputies participating in the commission.

In the same way, he stated that the import of products that do not comply with the legislation should be brought under control, Extension of deadlines for repayment of ICO loanson the basis of “there will be companies drowning in its return”.

He also requested more support from the IFA, where the Futurmoda competition is held, on the grounds that “it is made from foxes and needs to be updated”. There are leaks and the air conditioner is not working. It’s embarrassing for us to have to put exhibitors in a cabinet because of this insanity and years of incompleteness.”

Carlos Mazón, for his part, asked Consell for a master plan for transformation and sustainability so that the shoes could face what he described as a legal “tsunami” from the EU. The head of Diputación underlined the need for this program and large-scale aid compared to what he describes as “little aid” available. He also referred sunken economypointed out that the industry cannot be “demonized” in this regard, that it is necessary to strengthen supervision and to trust companies as allies. Likewise, he requested a tram at Elche so that workers could reach the Business Park, and showed his willingness to write a study and submit it to the Generalitat.

Concerning what Diputación did with regard to footwear, the President emphasized that they are not competent in industrial matters, on the contrary, they do. Reduced IAE from 20% to 5%. It also announced that they will invest directly in Futurmoda and promote special offers. promotion of children’s shoes.

Mazón’s comments were met with a response by PSPV Industry’s spokesperson in Parliament, Jesús Sellés, denouncing him for “coming to lecture on management when the institution of which he heads does not endorse a single euro for the industry.”

Source: Informacion


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