They decide not to pay seventy tons of chia purchased in Alicante from Argentine companies.

This Court of Alicante He brought a businessman accused by him to the stand. non-payment of shipments of more than seventy tons A shipment of chia seeds to the state with a value greater than 125.000 €. While the accused denied the existence of any crime, both the Prosecutor’s Office and the Special Prosecutor’s Office continued the sentence they claimed against the accused. four and six years in prison respectively one fraudulent offense in competition with another misconduct. Provincial input shipment between months September and October 2015 buyers were found in different containers and while being transported to a warehouse. The defendant assured that while a buyer was being sought, a significant portion of the money went to cover the costs of storage. The accusations instead claim that: it was all a scam To hide the money from the sale of these seeds.

It so happens that a large part of the seeds were not even for human consumption, but pet food. The defendant assured that he was engaged in the import and export of food. from Argentina They made him a job offer to market the seeds in Spain. The defendant said he had warned them that he was not even authorized to import that food, so he had to find another company that had a warehouse to store the seeds. The initial aim was to use these seeds in the manufacture of different food products such as cookies, yogurt, and butter, and he found that the seeds were not even fit for human consumption, thus limiting the number of spots they could be sold. only for animals.

As the defendant explained, the cargo was stored while searching for buyers, resulting in costs owed. Lawyer Moses CandelaDefending the accused businessman, he emphasized that it is not a crime and that this is an issue that needs to be resolved in commercial jurisdiction. “Who cheated whom? Because when the cargo got here, it turned out it wasn’t even for human consumption,” he said.

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