A driver calls 112 for a blood alcohol test after driving 25 km in the opposite direction on the AP-9.

A driver driving 25 kilometers in reverse on AP-9 It is being investigated by the A Coruña Civil Guard Traffic Group Sub-Sector. positive with alcohol and its presence According to the Civil Guard, after notifying 112 for a body drug test.

The incidents occurred when the driver who was passing by had an accident. Highway In the direction of Tui, reached the toll output of orders and, according to Traffic, he found himself “without the money to pay for the episode.” After the driver has stopped for a few minutes, made a u-turn and from that point to the 16th kilometer of the same highway towards A Coruña but made it from lanes designed for traffic sense Tui.

Civil Guard, after the same driver wandered 25 kilometers in the opposite directioncame Macedonia tollagain where he stopped the march and “He called 112 and requested that a traffic patrol be present to carry out breathalyzer tests.”. The highway control center’s cameras were able to locate the offender and verify his route, enabling the A Coruña Traffic Subsector to use the protocol for this purpose.

After testing on the driver, the test showed rates of 0.63 and 0.58 milligrams per liter of breathed air. breathalyzer and the result positive in the absence of laboratory confirmation, it is indicative of its presence. cocaine in the organism.

Because of these facts, the driver was investigated for allegedly committing crimes against road safety and was brought to trial and sentenced, among others, to up to 2 years in prison.

Source: Informacion


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