Rumors of the crisis are circulating. albert Y charlene Monaco has always been persecuted marriage. The former South African swimmer spent more than six months with him motherland for health problems -and away from the kids- didn’t help calm the hum. Now the French magazine’Sound‘ and other Gallic media, both separated lives And besides, they’ve reached a point million dollar deal to store forms: Charlene will take charge 12 million euros per year For living Switzerland and for giving up custody her sonsTwins jacques Y Gabriellefor Prince Albert II. All this without words, under the concept of “independent living with regulated presence” separation anyone divorce appears on the table.

The French magazine details that the contract and its provisions were imposed by the distiller. princess wifealready leading an “independent life” Geneva. 12 million euros per year would be for “personal expenses”. To this figure should be added the purchase of a “personal residence” in the Alpine country, and it will be “complemented” by other sums, they refer to various media.

In Monaco as First Lady

Regarding custody of children, he can visit them at any time. In this sense, the French media states that Charlene persistently requested that she be recorded in writing. custody. However, the twins will continue their education in Monaco.

contract friendship for convenience It contains several confidentiality agreements and a ‘working’ clause at Prince Albert’s request: Charlene will continue to be present at the principality’s social “grand celebrations”, where she will return as first lady to fulfill her duties. official program.

incessant rumors

by more monegask royal house tried to stop the rumors of rupture many times, the events that took place in the last months did not foresee a different ending. More than a year ago, Charlene South Africa.

What should have been a short stay turned into six months as he landed a contract. severe ear, nose, and throat infection This forced him to pass through the operating room.

Because of the altitude and pressure problem, doctors did not recommend getting on a plane to return to Europe. Like this Monaco Palace announced that the princess was having a “period of calm and rest”.

Charlene returned to the principality in November 2021, but continued her recovery at a clinic in Switzerland. It wasn’t until March that it was announced that he could soon “completely resume his official activities.”

Three weeks ago, the royal house was published Instagram Various photos of reuniting with Prince Albert II and his two children. According to this message, the meeting was full of “joy and emotion.” The four of them had not been together since last August.

Last summer, the Italian magazine ‘ogg‘ that the separation between the princes is about to happen: “If I remember Alberto’s tone, I think they’re going to get divorced soon.. The two of them separated from each other, he went his own way, he chose his own.” Christa Mayrhofer-DukorAlbert II’s aunt.