Pussy Riot leader flees Russia disguised as delivery girl

Leader of the Russian feminist collective Pussy Riot, Maria AlyokhinaWith foreign aid from Russia and fleeing from friends avoid being a victim of increased pressure imposed by the president on the country, Vladimir Putin The New York Times reported.

Alyokhina started her activism when the punk band and performing arts group Pussy Riot organized her. The first protest against Putin in 2012, He was sentenced to two years in prison in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow.

after it happens imprisoned many times After similar protests last April, as Putin slammed down any criticism of his war in Ukraine more harshly, authorities announced that Alyokhina, who was under house arrest at the time, would continue to serve 21 days in a penal colony.

The activist then decided to leave Russia, at least temporarily, and He disguised as a food delivery man to escape Moscow police He said he was spying on a friend’s apartment where he was staying.

He left his cell phone there as bait. To avoid being followed, he added the New York newspaper where Aliójina described his adventures.

A friend took him to the Belarusian border, and it took a week for him to cross into Lithuania. At a studio in the Lithuanian capital, Vilnius, he agreed to be interviewed by The New York Times to describe a dissident’s harrowing escape from Putin’s Russia.

“I’m glad I did, because It was a big, unpredictable goodbye kiss.” For Russian officials, Alyokhina ironically told the newspaper. “I still don’t quite understand what I’m doing,” she admitted.

In search and capture

By the way, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia included this in its report. wanted list after serving the end of sentences and pretending not to go to prison.

The 33-year-old artist has spent his entire adult life fighting for his country to respect its Constitution and most basic human rights such as freedom of expression.

After coming out of prison without serving his sentence, in December 2013, he and another member of Pussy Riot founded Mediazona, an independent media outlet focused on crime and punishment in Russia.

He also wrote a memoir called ‘Riot Days’ and traveled internationally, performing a show based on this article.

Alyokhina also participated Demonstrations in support of the Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalnywhich took place in early 2021 and was violently suppressed by the Russian police.

The activist had promised to stay in Russia despite the surveillance and pressure from the authorities, but has now joined tens of thousands of Russians who have fled since the invasion of Ukraine, which began last February 24, according to the newspaper.

Passing through Barcelona, ​​Zaragoza and Madrid in June

Russian protest art collective will perform with feminist punk in Spain this June for what it has planned Three concerts on days 1, 2 and 4 With the presence of one of its founders, Maria Aliokhina (Masha), after she managed to escape from Russia.

Tour of the Russian collective It will start at the Razzmatazz venue in Barcelona, ​​Spainwill stay up to date Next in Zaragoza In the Oasis room and it will end In Madrid’s Shoko room, organizers inform in a press release.

Tickets for these concerts will be sold using the Tiketblok App which allows fans to decide how much they are willing to pay for their tickets so the user can specify the price they are willing to pay for their tickets so an Algorithm will then take care of distributing them fairly and wisely.

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