This ground It is always one of the elements of your home that can give you the most work. You should always have it ready, otherwise your home will always feel like it is not completely clean. Many people chose after jail change ground to add a new air to your home, it was locked after months, but if this option is not for you, you can try to breathe new life into it. if any Park Here are some tips to keep it shining like new.


  • How to keep parquet always shiny

  • This is the surefire trick to leaving your floors like new.

Tips for polishing parquet

whether he parquet is laminated (or laminated) as if without plasticizing (natural) cleaning is recommended. a mop fabric typethat is, normal blond hair is perfectly drained: the less moisture the wood absorbs (natural or artificial), the better.

To make it shine and shine like new, you need to apply a drop. vinegar to warm water. Half a glass of white vinegar is enough. Don’t worry about the smell because it goes away right away.

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another option polish the floor, especially if it is made of natural wood. It used to be a very common practice, but in modern times it has become obsolete, probably due to lack of time. For this, there is nothing better than using a product suitable for the type of parquet (artificial or natural), even the manufacturer’s recommendation.