Weapons and drug store at home of suspect arrested in Malaga

three gunsone of them machine guncorresponding chargers, ammunition of various calibers, 15 kilos cocaineothers 19 cannabis Y 123 grams of buds Drugs. This is the balance of the home search carried out by the National Police at David Ungi’s home in Coín (Malaga). The British fugitive is wanted in his country for murdering a young man in 2015. in Liverpool. According to British officials, the fugitive left the UK less than 24 hours after Vinny Waddington was previously hit by a car that crashed into his motorcycle in the Garston area. Although the two men were convicted of the crime, Ungi remained on the Merseyside police list. seven years laterwas arrested along with three of his friends, who entered a gym in the shopping center in the town of Malaga. During the arrests, agents found another ammunition pistol in his fanny pack, this newspaper reported last Saturday.

David, also known in his country most baby face killerwas found after an investigation based on media advertising campaigns in which Britain’s most wanted criminals spread their faces. This allowed investigators from both countries to obtain data identifying the fugitive’s residence in Coín, where he lived with the three citizens. As reported by the Police Headquarters, agents confirmed this point despite Ungi’s lifestyle. “wearer top secret life and only made it easier for his wife to get into the house“They explained earlier that he took extreme security measures, so much so that he always carried a shoulder bag with him, always suspecting he was armed, even inside his house.

The arrests began on 5 May. Investigators found that Unge and three of his friends had moved from their residence to the town’s mall to the gym where they wanted to sign up. The action took those investigated by surprise, intervening with a ready-to-fire gun (loaded and uninsured) in the shoulder bag, in addition to 350 euros in cash and sneakers, among other effects. After the arrests were made, the Coín Court of First Instance No. 1 authorized a search of the group’s home where the guns and drugs were found. In addition international arrest warrant for prime suspectthe detainees were arrested for alleged responsibility depending on the case. weapons, ammunition and explosives storage crimes, drug trafficking and documentary lies. The competent judicial authority decided to arrest all those arrested.

Ungi’s arrest End a great week for UK officials, because they hunted three priority targets in just five days. On Saturday, April 30th, Alex Male, wanted for drug trafficking and which the British police came to identify in Marbella, was arrested at Lisbon airport, where Turkish authorities refused entry because he was traveling with a fake passport, on his way from Istanbul. Two days later, Callum Halpin, wanted for a murder in Manchester, was found by Portuguese judicial police near Vilamoura, a town in the Algarve between Albufeira and Faro.

Source: Informacion


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