In Burgos, a 71-year-old man was arrested for trying to stab his son.

Agents of Burgos Local Police They arrested a 71-year-old man after he tried to stab his son and also filed a lawsuit against the victim as investigated.Europa Press was charged with alleged ill-treatment in the family, municipal sources reported.

The incident occurred on Tuesday afternoon when the emergency telephone number 112-092 received a call that literally states: a father wanted to kill his son with a knife In a house on Avenida del Cid.

Given the severity of the warning, a large number of Local Police officers arrived at the scene carrying response supplies – a shield. It was learned that the suspect’s wife and mother, who were taken into custody, landed at the house.

Second, he told the agents: after an argument her husband swung a knife He was aimed at his 41-year-old son, threatening and intending to attack him. However, the son defended himself against the aggression that caused some injuries to his father, which he eventually managed to immobilize after the struggle.

Local police teams intervened with the knife allegedly used by the father, along with two voluntarily handed over knives.

Apparently, the event, as they both pointed out, constant arguments that take place in the family nucleus. The father, who was detained for all these reasons, was transferred to the HUBU Emergency Service to be treated for the injuries his son received after learning the reasons for his arrest.

Both acts constitute allegations of ill-treatment in the family, so both father and son were initially arrested, but at the time agents were warned of a medical report advising against it. Action against the 41-year-old man was finally informed that the proceedings were being carried out against him as a person investigated for an alleged crime, not detained and staying at home in the custody of his mother.

Source: Informacion


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