Priest from Murcia sentenced to seven years in prison for molesting a child

In the summer of three years ago, the bishop himself, José Manuel Lorca Planes, was the one who filed the complaint with the District Attorney of Murcia. sexual abuse of minors age perpetrated by priest Antonio L. Z.until then He is the parish priest of San Juan Bautista de Yecla and the chaplain of Virgen del Castillo Hospital. According to a press release issued by the Diocese of Cartagena, Lorca Planes later, along with Pope Francis, dismissed the priest based on a “zero tolerance for such behavior” policy.

Now there is one sentence and the bishop has sent another statement. Knowing the provisional sentence of the Fifth Chamber of the County Court of Murcia, where the priest of the Diocese of Cartagena was sentenced 7 years and 9 months in prison and 30,000 euro payment Declaring that there is no civil liability for sexual abuse committed against a minor, this Diocese, pending final punishment, once again expresses its wholesale rejection and energetic rejection of the crimes that the judgment attributed to this priestess against the victim with an aggravating situation such as minors”.

Likewise, “we continue to express our closeness to the victim and our family. Help through the Episcopal Delegation for the protection of minors and vulnerable adults”.

“As determined by church regulations, the priest continues to be removed from priesthood service until the ongoing canonical penal process has ended,” they say. Born in Monteagudo (Murcia), the priest passed through San Pedro del Pinatar, where he remained until 2013, when he was dismissed from the position of Parochial Regent in the San Pedro Apóstol and Nuestra Señora del Rosario neighborhoods. de El Mirador in San Javier will be ordained as parish priest in San Juan Bautista de Yecla, where he came from paragraph after complaint.

As reported by La Opinion de Murcia in February of this yearthey weighed on this priest two complaints for sexual abuse and one complaint for sexual assault. In the first, victims reported suffering. to touch by that religion In these cases, the Prosecutor’s Office sought two sentences, five years in one case and four and six years in the other (because he probably abused two children with whom they had some sort of relationship). As for sexual assault, including attempted penetration of a minor, the Prosecutor’s Office requested 12 years in prison.

In the face of such complaints, The diocese always forbids these priests to engage in religious activities on a precautionary basis (while the open trial continues) and the defendants are obliged to reside in the Zone in order to remain open to Justice.

He is not the only priest being investigated in the District for the same reason. A Cartagena priest allegedly being investigated since April 2021 sexual abuse of a minor stale. The victim condemned the attacks on the Diocese of Cartagena, which attracted the attention of the Murcia Attorney General. The suspect, to Father Samuel, statement was taken from him as an inspectorand left freedom from accusations Y neighborhood section where did he work

This is Article 183 of the current law. Penal Code which means sexual abuse of minors. In general, sexual abuse of minors under the age of 16 is punishable by a prison sentence of 2 to 6 years, even with consent.

This article also includes some aggravating factors for the punishment for this offense when certain conditions are met. According to the law, penalties will be increased if victims are in an “emergency situation”. private vulnerability due to age, illness, disability or any other condition. Also, if the abuser took advantage of “an affair”, superiorityThis would apply not only to an attack by a father on his son, but also to an attack committed by a priest, for example, to abuse an altar child.

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