5 wonderful moments in the life of Eurovision presenter Laura Pausini

With over 70 million records sold worldwide, Laura Pausino He is one of the most international Italian artists. Known for her singing at the age of 18, the singer is outspoken and outspoken, as demonstrated on shows like ‘La voz’. ‘Loneliness’ will be presenter this year Eurovision Song Contest, will be held this week in Turin (Italy). Along with leading the senior European music event Mika and Alessandro CattelanMaking her acting debut in the ‘Laura Pausini’ biopic ‘Laura Pausini’ will undoubtedly be one of the biggest milestones in the career of this 47-year-old singer, equally stubborn and sensitive. Pleased to meet you’.

Although before applause he values ​​family achievements. So some of the great moments in the life of the new Italian Eurovision icon, who took over from another great transalpine reference of the festival, hurricane Raffaella Carrà, have more to do with her personal life than professional.

victory in Sanremo

At 18, Laura Pausini combined her job with art school, homework, church and babysitting with performances at school. piano stick with his father, Fabrizio. Until his victory in February 1993 sanremo festival it changed everything. In the song that glorified her, ‘La Soledad’, she sang to a lost teenage love, Marco, who never came back and plunged her into despair. The appeal of the song made him leave his town for the first time. solarolo (Emilia-Romagna, Italy) and touring Europe with their music translated into languages ​​such as English and Spanish. It was time to fly away from the nest and she moved to Milan with her boyfriend, manager and producer. Alfredo Cerutiand a ‘babysitter’ that his family found for him and still lives with him. Her mother, GiannaSo how is your daughter’s dream pharmaceutical.

Relationship with Paolo Carta

music joined Paul’s Letter Y Laura Pausino in 2005 and has not separated them since. They met when they started playing together at a concert in Paris. guitarist and producerCarta (57 years old) from her previous husband (Jader, Jacob, JosephSomething that caused a lot of reluctance at first in the ‘Se fue’ performer (who was then 12, 11 and 3 years old), eventually not enough to unite both their lives and their music. “I know our love is ours and not from social networks, but it’s not my fault that my heart explodes when I mention us. Whoever says they’ve seen the most beautiful smile hasn’t seen yours yet”, Laura has been writing about her partner on her Instagram profile for 17 years.

Paula’s birth

“For years I wanted to be a mother but I suffered because I couldn’t get pregnant“, openly confesses to the artist in the film about his life Laura Pausini. Pleased to meet you’Published on Amazon Prime Video. In the film, the singer dreams of what her existence would be like if she were not famous, and the only thing that is clear to her is that she will fight to become a mother all her other lives. Her dream came true when she gave birth in February 2013. Paula. He dedicated his song to the already 9-year-old little girl.Light blue’in the disk’unregulated. In a song she sang, “It was a pressure to convince me to realize my dream of becoming a mother,” explains the artist: “I’ll wait for you before you run away / You’ll come to my lap in the cotton buds / I will miss you. listen you will stay / As the leaves change color”. Growing up surrounded by music, the girl is already taking her first steps. Although what her mother is worried about now is that she compares herself to him. “I’m afraid my presence will be overwhelming for him when he says he’s not as talented as I am,” she says.

Golden Globe and Oscar nominations

Pausini’s list of winners includes several awards, including the Sanremo award and some Grammy and Latin Grammy awards, but there is one this Italian hurricane has a special love for: Golden Globe for Best Original Song for ‘Io Si’theme created with Diane Warren and Niccolò Agliardi for italian movie ‘Life ahead’ (‘La vita davanti a sé’)return Sofia Loren to the screen. He was also nominated for this piece. OscarThus, she became the first woman in Italian music history to choose the statuette for her composition Best Original Song at the 2021 Academy Awards ceremony in Los Angeles. She didn’t get the coveted award, but still celebrated it in the most natural and ‘American’ way possible: eating burgers and fries with her husband in the limo that drove them back to the hotel. “The biggest achievement this year has been teaching my daughter that her mother earns. [el Globo de Oro] and lost [el Oscar]because that’s life”, valued the singer.

Confidence in ‘voice’

The Spanish public knew Laura Pauisini from the very beginning, when ‘La Soledad’ became a ‘hit’ and the self-titled album rose like it had on day one. Best seller of all time in Spain By a foreign artist But audiences didn’t really discover the Italian hurricane until Telecinco signed him as the ‘coach’ of ‘La voz 3’ in 2015, an experience it will repeat years later in 2020. ‘Voice 7’already on Antena 3. He was the star of the competition. self-confidence and naturalness Gala after gala sprang from the place, her friends in swivel chairs: Alejandro Sanz, Antonio Orozco and Malu (on Mediaset) and the same male duo Paul Lopez (already on Atresmedia). There has never been a night where the artist did not bring up the ‘show’ with his comments, humor and sense of humor. ‘Italian’That mix of Spanish and Italian that he knows very well how to manipulate in his sentences.

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