Disbanded a group that defrauded 100,000 euros with debit card fraud

National Police distributed a piece organized group dedicated to debit card fraud A scam with victims across Spain, operating from the Barcelona metropolitan area and two other municipalities in Maresme exceeds 100,000 euros and four people were arrested for it.

In a statement made by the National Police on Wednesday, the gang carried out this scam with what is known as ‘phishing-smshing’, that is, Fraud accusations over the contactless system terminal of different stores.

For this group members impersonating victimsafter tricking them into accessing their financial information by sending SMS text messages pretending to be a commercial entity on a website. In this way, they were able to get all the bank card numbers, expiration date and verification code (CVV) from their victims.

The gang operated mainly in the Barcelona metropolitan area and the towns of Mataró and Caldes d’Estrach and between the two regions. four were arrested this is the head.

During the police operation, agents conducted three simultaneous entries and searches in Barcelona, ​​Mataró and Caldes d’Estrach, where they were located. More than 36,000 Euros of cash interveneda motorcycle, 19 mobile phone terminals, three computers and multiple SIM cards.

The National Police quantified the damage done to large numbers of people by this method at more than 100,000 Euros. Victims spread across Spanish geography.

Source: Informacion


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