Tips for preserving bread: Which variety holds better?

Bread is one of the most popular and universal foods. In all good food, a bit of a variation of it simple, helpful and accessible foodIt is even used in the preparation of some recipes.

However, not all breads are created equal. There are great differences in manufacturing methods using one or the other. raw materials and using processes fermentation more or less complex. Usually, this translates price (cheaper, worse quality), but also in the qualities of the final product.

One of the most tangible signs bread quality is its protection. The worse it is, the faster it deteriorates, hardens, and becomes inedible. Therefore, on the one hand it is convenient to know certain clues to detect what is what. kinds The quality of the bread is the best preserved, and on the other hand, knowing how to keep the bread at home for the best preservation of its quality.

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How to distinguish the best preserved bread varieties?

  • breads thick crust They are usually slow cooked, which keeps them better and the crumbs stay fresh and appetizing longer.

  • breads whole grain whole grains They are always advantageous because they require greater hydration of the dough, as they contain the three parts of the grain (germ, endosperm and bran).

  • if stick figure it is aesthetic and has no flaws, the bread is more likely to be industrial and therefore of poorer quality.

  • This crumb gives some clues: the flour used will usually be whiter, more refined (and therefore less healthy), and will be more elastic, faster fermentation and lower quality.

  • varieties artisan bread they are usually heavier, more dense compared to industrial ones.

  • bread sourdough sourdough It will always be in good condition. Provided that the raw material is of sufficient quality, those made with whole grains and olive oil are also less common.

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Tips for preserving bread

  • Always save room temperatureand if possible paper or cloth bagcompletely plastic free

  • only one Plastic packaging When you want to freeze the bread, try to remove as much air as possible before putting it in the freezer. In addition, for this process, the bread should not be cut into slices or pieces, but should be frozen as a whole or in as large pieces as possible for less drying.

  • On time defrosting, it is appropriate to allow the part to refuel for a period of time at room temperature. If you’re in a hurry, the right way is to place it over a working toaster and let the heat from the toaster do its job.

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how to save stale bread

  • The best way to bring stale bread back to life is to toast it in an oven. pan, oven, or toaster.

  • point of putting microwave Along with a full glass of water is an immediate solution, but not the most convenient. Bread can be eaten for a short time, the breadcrumbs harden quickly and the crust softens.

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