Ukraine partially cut off the passage of Russian gas through its territory

Russian gas consortium Gazprom announced this Wednesday that the transit of fuel to Europe ukraine region will be reduced up to 72 million cubic meters compared to 95.8 million supplied the day before.

“Gazprom is shipping 72 million cubic meters of Russian gas for transit through Ukraine until May 11,” company spokesman Sergei Kuprianov said, according to the Interfax agency. Earlier, Ukraine said it will only transport 72 million cubic meters of gas from the Sudzha measuring point, located in Ukrainian-controlled territory in the east of the country.

Ukraine’s gas transmission network operator said on Tuesday, temporarily cut off the gas passage Shipping from Russia to Europe »reasons for force majeure“The actions of the occupiers caused the gas transit through the Sojranivka port to be interrupted,” the GTSOU company said in a statement.

A “force majeure” makes it impossible to continue transporting gas from this measuring point on the Russian border and from the Novopskov compression station located both in eastern Ukraine’s Lugansk province and in the controlled area. explained.

They passed through this station 32.6 million cubic meters of gas per day so farThis represents a third of the total that Ukraine carries to Europe.

GTSOU noted that there is a “likelihood” of transferring that volume of gas from the Sojranivka node to Sudzha further north, in order to continue supplying gas to Europe temporarily and in the planned volume.

In its first comment, Gazprom said: I saw no reason to change course Gas supply to Europe via Ukraine. “Gazprom has not received force majeure approval and sees no obstacles to the continuation of work,” the spokesperson of the Russian company, Sergey Kuprianov, told Telegram.

According to Gazprom, so far “Ukrainian experts regularly work in Sojranivka and nothing prevents them from continuing their work.

As for the possibility of transferring streams to Sudzha, this is “technically impossible”, according to the Russian company.

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