How to clean squid step by step

Teuthid |  How to clean squid step by step

Teuthid | How to clean squid step by step

This squid It is one of the most popular dishes and in addition they accept many recipes and forms of preparation. But it is very important to know how to clean squid To avoid an unpleasant surprise while eating something delicious squid in ink, breaded squid or grid. And this is to prepare squid in any recipesit is important to know how to clean squid Cleanliness is essential in the preparation of any dish so they don’t have sand or any gut residue in them. seafood recipebut especially mollusks. So today we will tell you how to clean fresh squid.

This squid (teuthid) They are very typical mollusks. Spanish gastronomyThese marine cephalopods, Japanese and Italian, but thanks to their powerful and fearsome beaks, feed on fish, crabs and small shellfish. usually living in the deep sea we can find sand in it and it stays in their guts this can spoil our plate so it is very important to know. how to clean squid So we can work in the kitchen.

How to clean fresh squid step by step

Process squid cleaning It is very simple and will not cost you more than five minutes, but you should know the following steps:

  1. Separate the head and tentacles from the body of the squid. You can easily do this by hand, pulling firmly on both sides.

  2. The next step will be to make a cut above the eyes to separate the guts from the tentacles and get rid of them. If necessary, for example, if you are going to prepare squid or black rice in ink, it is not necessary to first remove the ink bag from its casings so that it can be used as an ingredient in your recipe.

  3. Next, you should remove the squid’s mouth or beak from the base of the tentacles, for this procedure you can use a knife.

  4. The fourth step is to remove the skin of the squid. You can easily do this by hand or using a kitchen paper, you will see that it is very easy.

  5. Pull or cut off the fins from the squid and remove the skin from them. You should also cut the hard strip next to the wings with a knife or by hand.

  6. To continue cleaning the inside of the squid, the first thing we need to do is take the pen out.

  7. Then we will take the squid with one hand and press the closed end with the other hand until it turns the body, as if turning the stocking. In this way, we will now have the inside of the squid on the outside and it will be easier to clean it.

  8. To finish, simply rinse the squid under the tap and remove any skin or guts that may be stuck inside.

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