Chanel’s dress: The Spanish representative dazzles in this gorgeous outfit on the turquoise Eurovision carpet

The Opening Ceremony was held on Sunday, or whatever, opening ceremony Eurovision Song Contest 2022. With Saturday’s two semi-finals and the grand finale, each country’s representative fell before the competition began. turquoise carpet which was placed in Turin. And between them I couldn’t miss one of this issue’s favourites: channel.

The Spanish representative attended the event as follows: open opponent for victory (She is fifth at the bookies) and her outfit was no less: the singer opted for an It Spain outfit, chosen by Raúl Amor, consisting of a red polka dot bodice and a short black skirt.

However the most striking thing about the look was the red tulle tail This drew all eyes. With him came an inseparable ballet, which stood out in different outfits of an all-white color.

Chanel, what he wasted his charisma again Going on the carpet and in the photo, she was one of the most commented on wearing a simple and elegant sheer set along with Swedish rep Cornelia Jakobs. Albanian representative Ronela couldn’t go unnoticed, too, wearing a box on her head with a similar print of her dress and a detail with the LGTBIQ+ pride flag.

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