A 29-year-old man has been arrested in Valencia for harassing a woman at his doorstep.

The National Police arrested a 29-year-old man as the perpetrator of a murder in Xàtiva (Valencia) at noon last Sunday. sexual assault committed against a woman In the capital of Costera last weekend. The events took place on the night of Friday-Saturday, the victim goes home.

According to the testimony given in the complaint, the man followed her, pushed her to the door of her farm and sexually abused her. Sources consulted confirmed to Levante-EMV on Tuesday that the woman went to work the next day and was there when she told a colleague what had happened. They both decided to go to Lluís Alcany’s hospital, where the medical team activated the alarm and relayed the facts to the National Police, which began investigating the facts.

One day later, Sunday noon, arrest of the accused. National Police sources confirmed on Tuesday that the detainee is of Senegalese origin and no background police.

conflicting versions

Once at the Xàtiva National Police station, the accused presented his version of events to the agents and argued: sexual intercourse was consensual and he said he met the woman at a bar in the town of La Costera on Friday night. He appeared in court last Monday morning and was later released. Investigators are currently rebuilding what happened and Waiting for the results of forensic reports to provide all available documents for the magistrate in charge of the case.

According to the latest balance of the Ministry of the Interior, 16 crimes against sexual freedom and compensation were committed in Xàtiva in 2021, more than double from the previous year.

Source: Informacion


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