The Ministry of Defense has released images of the combat operation of Su-35S fighters in Ukraine.

Russian Ministry of Defense published Footage of the combat operation in Ukraine of the super-maneuverable Su-35S fighters.

“The crews of the Su-35S fighters continue to destroy enemy military targets using a wide variety of missile and bomb weapons. Before takeoff, aviation equipment undergoes extensive training. Specialists of engineering and technical personnel on the ground control the operation of all systems of aviation complexes, refueling aircraft and carrying out suspension of aircraft weapons, ”said the statement.

The Su-35S is a 4++ generation fighter with thrust vector control (as close as possible to the fifth generation except for “invisibility” for radar) – this allows the fighter to benefit from high maneuverability.

Former Russian Ministry of Defense initiated on its website there is a section on crimes by the Ukrainian authorities.

Source: Gazeta


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