Five traditional restaurants to enjoy San Isidro

Celebrations in honor of Madrid’s patron saint, San Isidro Labrador, are the perfect occasion. to taste the most typical dishes of the capital, Among the highlights are of course the Madrid stew, inside and outside and canillejas, a good squid sandwich, some classic and delicious tortilla skewers or sweet oxtail.

we offer five of the most traditional restaurants to celebrate these holidays starting this Sunday.

Manero: a neoclassical bite of squid

Manero squid sandwich.

Enjoy tapas gastronomy sophisticated, unique and singular atmosphere. That’s the point of the neoclassical street bar Manero. Claudio Coello, 3, Suitable for all pockets these days offering a traditional bite. calamari sandwich.

It consists of selected calamari served on a plate. antequera muffins With soft lemon mayonnaise for 8.90 euros.

at the entrance of this place nearby El Retiro park and Puerta de Alcaláshows a big bar an arsenal of vermouth, wine and beer bottles for a quick meal or an impromptu dinner accompaniment drink. Inside, the customer can see how the chefs finish the cold dishes, an assistant cuts the sausages, and the cheese or salad is being made at that moment.

La Burbujería relies on offal tradition

Tripe Madrid style from La Burbujería.

Hernán González’s restaurant, chef trained in iconic dishes Viridiana, by Abraham Garcia Calle Barco celebrates its first birthday with a new menu at 7, based on seasonal products and market.

Also this Sunday the tasting menu opens. Around the offal to celebrate San Isidro. It is a harmonized offer Accompanied by sparkling wines from the house of Torelló and some house hits, such as tongue tonnata with piparra and onions covered with red wine, Madrid tripe, pork ear or Braised rooster crest with guacamole and strawberries from Aranjuez.

option seven-course tasting menu 49 Euros per person including drinks.

An oxtail chotis

Oxtail from Rocacho.

Padre Damián’s steakhouse in the capital’s financial district, Rocacho, winks at the San Isidro Fair with three dishes. protagonist oxtail El Capricho, the best meat in the world According to ‘Time’ magazine, and in Madrid this is only served at this restaurant.

Nail some baos stuffed with oxtails with sauce and oriental touches and the traditional Madrid style oxtail stew with its original presentation are three dishes that will be on the restaurant’s menu throughout May.

Gyozas and baos are meant to be shared. Both recipes are stuffed with oxtail stew, cooked for seven hours.

Madrid oxtail chotis, chef Jairo Soria’s The most traditional dish in Madrid during this period of the bullfighting fair: boiled oxtail. Soria swaps and offers this piece for beef. on square potato chips and a few dots of roasted sweet potatoes that provide a sweet spot.

Chickpea stew at La Maestranza

Chickpea stew at La Maestranza de Don Dimas.

Chickpea stew at La Maestranza with oxtail and foie gras. This is the recipe presented in honor of San Isidro. Don Diamas, Restaurant restaurant Álvaro Garcés, near El Retiro Park, bases its menu on seasonal produce. This casserole is typical sevillian food It is a product with the oxtail in the center, already cooked in Roman times, and the most popular recipe dates back to the 1st century BC. 16th century Cordobawhere the tails of the brave bulls of bullfights are used.

Its gastronomic proposal covers and presents the Costa de la Luz, which stretches along the coasts of Huelva and Cádiz from the mouth of the Guadiana river to Tarifa. Basque-Catalan influences. Don Dimas offers a menu structured in two large blocks: market twists and classics that change with the seasons, with a further nod to San Isidro: Álvaro Garcés’ juicy Betanzos-style omelet with Melanosporum truffle and potato chips.

by Don Dimas tasting menu Four dishes and dessert for 48 euros.

Oxtail on a potato rack

Hevia oxtail.

Hevia restaurant in Salamanca district, Serrano, 118, traditional cuisine in a classic setting present at these parties immovable callus and star recipe: oxtail stew and chips.

Hevia is also very popular with its bar that has been operating for more than 8 years. where the ‘gourmet’ skewers are amazing. The restaurant offerswhat really separates us”: Russian salad with Ventresca, tomato salad, slamorejo, white and red shrimp, eel, smoked salmon and cod, marinated bonito, micuit and fresh stir-fried goose, Galician squid in tempura, tigers, Serafin, Zeppelin and Flamenquin, tripe, One of the best potato omelets in Madrid (in the classic version or with tripe) and marrow.

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