Mash: Sakhalin landfill “Izvestkovy” pollutes local water bodies

Sakhalin landfill “Izvestkovy” pollutes local water bodies. A post with such accusations was published by the Telegram channel. Amur Mas.

According to the canal’s authors, environmentalists searched the west side of the business for solid waste disposal and found a garbage-filled creek in the drainage ditch.

It also had a sewer. Also, the reservoir passes through the lands of local residents and flows into the spawning river Podorozhka, and this river into Lake Tunaicha.

Experts believe that not only the local flora and fauna, but also the health of summer residents can suffer from such pollution.

The Telegram channel, meanwhile, stated that the prosecution did not detect any violations.

Earlier it was reported that the State Duma approved it. customize areas near bodies of water. The sanitary protection zone (ZSO) of drinking and utility water resources is one of the zone types with special conditions for the use of the zone. ZSO was created to protect water resources from possible pollution. If nothing can be built in the first generation, there are certain restrictions in the second generation, particularly associated with the placement of landfills, manure dumps and farms.

Source: Gazeta


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