Anabel Pantoja reacts at the end of “Save me”, ignoring returning to Telecinco and “throwing the trash” to “Your face looks familiar”

This ‘ cancellationSave meAlthough three weeks have passed since the news was announced, it continues to create a reaction. Since then, both its presenters and collaborators have tried to capitalize on the situation to create an event until the last day and win back viewer attention in the final weeks of the broadcast.

And now, one of the most iconic characters of the series for yearswho left him silently after years of unpleasant circumstances, reacted for the first time to the news of the end point and the end.

about Anabel Pantojastarted as a spokesperson for his family, but over time permanent collaborator on his own. As usual, The show also pushed the envelope with it many timesUntil he takes advantage of his time on ‘The Survivors’ to leave permanently.

But Kiko Rivera’s cousin He was clever and took advantage of the projection that the television gave him. the fact that he is currently a high-profile character and gaining a foothold in social networks that arouses great interest in trademarks.

And this weekend Anabel is one of Desalia’s stars.The first major music experience of the summer featuring leading influencers such as Dulceida, Gersanc, Lalachus or Arnau Marín.

at the festival, Anabel met with YOTELOn the cancellation of the ‘Save me’ series E.: “I’m not happy with what happened, clearly. Because there are people I love there,” he says. Despite everything, she wants to balance her time on the show in a positive way: “I hide how beautiful I liveI’ve had great years and great times there. I made a lot of friends, but that stage is over.”

Is Anabel Pantoja’s future in Telecinco or Antena 3?

Anabel Pantoja does not exclude returning to work in the future television: “I’m not going to close the door, but now I want to think through what I want to do. Whatever comes, keep calm.”

Isabel Pantoja’s niece recently took charge of the series after she stopped appearing in ‘Sálvame’. Small format on Canarian TV: “I am very happy with the result. It is a program I made, where we get to know the most beautiful corners of the Canary Islands. It is an idea that has existed for years and has finally come to life.”

About Possibility of returning to Telecinco in any of the programs that will fill the afternoon slot in the future, such as the program that will host Ana Rosa Quintana (who really gave him his first opportunity as a defender of his cousin Kiko Rivera), he replies, “I hadn’t thought of that.”

And as a great request or an ideal format in which he wishes to participate, he assures without hesitation: “I would love to compete”your face is familiar to me‘. I haven’t been offered yet as I’m in a transitional phase but I love this show. Very cool.”

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