Analysts told how to recognize a liar in an interview 21:31

According to iConText Group research conducted at the end of May 2023, one in four candidates lies in a job interview. Employees of the future adorn their personal qualities, length of service, and sometimes even education level. The results are at the disposal of

According to research, it’s not unusual for someone to be lied to in an interview. This was reported by the employees themselves, and 26% of them lied to the future management as candidates. At the same time, 36% of respondents in the iConText Group survey believe that each person embellishes the truth a little. Participants also stated that they lied in interviews not because they were prone to manipulation or embellishment, but because of their ordinary nervousness.

In this regard, iConText Group recruiters added that if a candidate’s questions are followed by no single answer and the dialogue occasionally takes a different direction, it could mean that the employer is dealing with a cheating employee. And in order to exclude the factor of nervousness, it is necessary not to make obvious accents in case of suspicion of cheating, but to give the person the opportunity to open up and calm down. The curious question can be asked again in the form of a small explanation a little later. If there is no clear answer in this case, most likely the applicant is hiding something.

Another sign of the applicant’s lies: the person talks about the team, not about himself. Collaboration among colleagues is important, but the employer needs to understand what the future employee can do outside of the team. In this case, do not interrupt the dialogue with harsh questions. Instead, experts recommend finding out what contribution the interlocutor made to the project he was talking about, what exactly he was responsible for, and what result it contributed to the overall success.

If employers have doubts about the applicant’s qualifications or just want to be sure of their qualifications in advance, then the most correct decision is to pass a test assignment.

“There are factors that justify the need for testing. For example, when a company rarely gives negative feedback to its employees, an underperforming employee may not be aware of it. In this situation and in the interview, he will only talk about the advantages, without any idea of ​​his own weaknesses. After spending several months or even weeks in a new job, Vyacheslav Zolotarev, HR Director of iConText Group, may turn out to be unqualified for the position offered to him.

He stated that if the future employee successfully completed the test task, the recruiter would not have any questions for him. Otherwise, the entrepreneur has two ways: to take into account the human factor and to take an additional test if the interviewer is still interested in the applicant, or to look for another candidate as the professional qualifications have not been confirmed.

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Source: Gazeta


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