Lila Ogneva: “The Russians killed my husband and son on the first day of the war”

A simple medical examination probably enough diagnose What Lila Sergueyevna Ogneva, resident dytyatki, a small population five hundred people Located on the edge of the Exclusion Zone around the Chernobyl factory, He is experiencing a deep psychological trauma. There is lost viewto walk dragging feetTo smoke a cigarette one after another and when to write something on your cell phoneher fingers are shaking and sometimes she can’t even press proper application. He speaks in a whisper, poorly understood, and besides looking confused, he does not know what to do or where to complain.

lilac in this case emotional numbness practically from the first day of the war. Just hours after the offensive of the Kremlin troops began, this short, short silver hair lost her husband victor35 and son Dimitri14, in the van they returned to their family home bad match on a nearby road. Around five o’clock in the afternoon of the same day, already dark, a battleship metrobus belonging to russian column they recently entered Ukrainian territory, crashed into the vehicle they were traveling in spouse Y first-born, open fire immediately. Minutes later, the attacking vehicle retracted its steps and violently swept the victims’ truck off the road into the ditch and even lay down. crush it.

“I don’t know what it was; it was an upgraded van and maybe the headlights illuminated them,” Lila explains in a whisper. As you can see from the photos he kept inside your phone’s memoryLila is even forced to watch the bodies of her husband and son in a way that no one wants to see. to be loved. In addition, the corpses were left on the road for a day, abandoned to their fate in the middle of the war and could only be saved. next day thanks to his father-in-law Anatolia got the tractor and set off risking even life. “Everything happened suddenly 300 meters entry checkpoint” Exclusion Zone around the nuclear power plant, Lilac says. “I had to hide the car because if the Russians had found it…” explains Anatoli, the victim’s father.

Lila doesn’t know what to do right now or how to approach her future. “My husband worked with a tractor in the Exclusion Zone and he was the one who brought the salary home.” In his charge is a girl and a house with a small family plot with a garden and an enthusiastic and affectionate dog, completely oblivious. family tragedy It just happened in your foster family. Currently not receiving no pension or financial assistance from any Russian government agency or institution, wait for him to come back to the city to start looking for a job. “You have to get your life back and then I look for something; anything; I stayed no tickets money,” he admits.

crushed pickup truck

Your complaint to the prosecutor’s office Prosecutor’s Office in Ukraine won’t be enough, Lila, even willing to accompany circle of informants newcomer to Dytiatky mother-in-law’s housewhere the ruins are van was attacked just converted in scrap material, but also in the eventual prosecution for documenting a possible war crime. “No financial compensation will give my son back to me, automatic rifle“, Anatoli swears, leaning on two crutches with difficulty. The mother of the deceased cannot stand the scene, she bursts into tears and has to go home as soon as the tarpaulin of the vehicle, including the hood, is removed. and the roof is sinking mercilessly. driver’s seat.

Lila stays still, looks down and finishes her cigarette. Those who killed her husband and son were also said to be most likely already dead, as they were part of the first Russian armored attack on the area, which was completely destroyed while attempting to capture the town of Ivankiv. a handful of kilometers I’m heading south. But none of this seems like any consolation.

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