If you intend to install ceiling fan To be a little cooler at home this summer, you should know that these devices have become quite fashionable thanks to their many advantages.


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First and foremost is this: consume very little energy, so they are cheaper at all levels, especially if we compare them with air conditioning. Also, if one of the downsides you find is that you won’t be able to take advantage of them in the winter, you’d be very wrong. inverse function this causes the blades to rotate in the opposite direction and push the cold air from the floor to the ceiling.

if any air conditioning At home, a ceiling fan can also be a good ally, because once you turn it off, you can extend the room’s cooling time and save energy. ceiling fans they neither dry the air nor produce very cold currents so you can wear it at night without fear of getting cold. In addition, there are more and more decorative models, and for most people it is comforting, because the noise is hardly intelligible and the movement gives a feeling of relaxation.

Cheap ceiling fans from Carrefour

The cheapest ceiling fan we found on the Carrefour website is only sold online. It is a model with very rustic or traditional lines, as it is wood color with four fiber or kanaj blades as well as two chains to control speed and light. It has three speeds and 60 watts of power. It has a diameter of 107 cm and costs. 46.90 €.

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The next roof model is Blue Uvt1335, which is white. It is made of stainless steel and has a diameter of 106 cm. It has four wings and a central white lamp. It has three speeds and two chains, one for speed and one for light. It has 50 watts and is suitable for ventilating rooms between 9 and 21 square meters. Sold online only and costs 49 euros.

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If you prefer a more modern model, you have a three-bladed steel and white model that provides both direct and alternating current. It has a smaller size than its predecessors (90 centimeters in diameter) and includes five-speed cable control. It has 55 watts of power and costs 50.24 €.

Finally, there is the Grupo FM VTI140 70 W model, which has simple, straight lines and white. It has three blades, three speeds and a diameter of 40 centimeters. its price 54.57 euro.