Six Spanish beaches ranked among the best in Europe

You don’t have to go far to enjoy one of the best places on the European coast. British newspaper’s travel experts ‘Guard’ choosed 40 best beaches on the continent of Europe. Six of them are from Spain.

This Calblance Regional Park sneaking into the list top beaches Europe’s thanks to its “virgin beaches” and “sand paths”.

This Calblanca beaches They are on the ‘The Guardian’ list, along with five other sandy areas found in the Balearic Islands in Spain, the Basque Country, Asturias and Galicia. Spain not the most represented country, because that place corresponds to Greece it has seven locations, but is right behind it. France. follow them Italy Y Portugal with five. Already, to a lesser extent, Croatia brings three, Ireland two and Germany, Montenegro, Netherlands, Turkey Y Albanianeach. You can view the full list here.

Here’s what each of the Spanish beaches included in the British newspaper’s “rank” highlights:

Calblance Regional Park. THE RISE OF WILLIAM

Calblance, Region of Murcia

“Because it’s close to the super-advanced La Manga and it’s dirty. less sea pristine beaches seem a world away“, say ‘The Guardian’s travel experts. Highlights of the Murcian setting are “beaches and sandy coves, each more wild than the last.: from Playa Larga, the largest and busiest, to Playa Parreño and the remote and lonely Playa Negrete”.

They also value from the newspaper in question “Wildlife to watch in Calblanque”. “The reserve is a sanctuary for sea turtles, badgers, foxes, and flamingos,” they note.

Sound Diseases. DC

Ses Illetes, Formentera

“One of Turkey’s most dazzling beaches Mediterrenian”. This is how ‘The Guardian’ travel editors describe it, fascinated by its ‘shallow and crystal clear waters that make you appreciate the myriad shades of blue’.

However, they note that “infrastructure is scarce”, apart from Es Ministre’s “chiringuito with feet in the sand” and Juan y Andrea restaurant, which is “an institution”.

Torimbia beach. LOM

Torimbia, Asturias

this beach plains (Asturias) It was chosen as “a”. majestic arch of fine golden sand cradle in a landscape of ferns and lush green grass.”

Experts, in the summer beach bar “serving grilled fish, drinks and ice cream” is open; if not, they suggest you buy supplies. They also point out that clothing can be “optional”, as this sandy area is “famous for accepting naturists and nature lovers alike.”

Karnota beach. XUNTA / TOURISM.GAL

Carnota, Galicia

“Magnificent sandy beaches lined up Galicia Like pearls on a necklace, but none more precious than Carnota.”. They are so strong to praise this Galician gem from British newspapers.

“The wooden walkways lead into the city from the marshy plains along a path. gently curving bay surrounded by sand dunes and bushes“, they write.

Cala Trebaluger. flickr

Cala Trebaluger, Menorca

From ‘The Guardian’ Emphasize “the harmonious ‘feng shui’ of the dunes, cliffs and surrounding pine forest”which is “dark embracing”.

“A beach where less is more”Comment by stating that there are no sun loungers or other equipment in the arena.

Sopelana, Basque Country. TOURISM BASQUE COUNTRY

Sopelana, Basque Country

Regarding this enclave on the Basque coast, the newspaper’s travel experts point out: “less known among foreign tourists” and the pebble cove of Menakoz and The “special charm” of the Barinatxe sectionattended by nudists and paragliders.

Source: Informacion


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