Renault aims Mobilize to account for 20% of its turnover by 2030

Luca de Meo, CEO of Renault Group, last year ‘Renaulution’, its strategic plan to increase profitability the group is talking about Mobilize as a service division mobility has great potential. Almost a year and a half later, the French company announced its strategic plan for this new business unit and, giving figures on this potential, announced that it aims to collect 20% of the turnover of the entire group by 2030.

Clotilde Delbos, who served as interim CEO of Groupe Renault until De Meo took office in summer 2020, is the managing director of this division, which will be structured around three main axes: an integrated software ecosystem, special tools and a range of services. from finance to insurance to maintenance and energy management. “It sells services, not mobile vehicles, which gives us continued revenue,” Delbos says. “We decided to cover the elements of the mobility value chain with the highest growth potential and margin.”

tool as a service

Mobilize has confirmed that it has developed its own vehicle, the Limousine.It will be 100% electric, specially designed for common use and adapted to offer all of the company’s products. In this sense a Operating system also developed by Mobilize This will allow users to access all services from the same car. This software will create an important digital ecosystem for the brand to achieve its goals. This First version will arrive in 2023 and can be updated wirelessly.

Among the services to be offered by Mobilize soon, those related to financial services, energy management and maintenance stand out. In the first case, through Mobilize Financial Services, the company will offer long-term rental offers and subscriptions to accelerate the deployment of a fleet of its own vehicles. 1.2 million units between rent and subscriptions. On this axis, it will also offer financing for the purchase of second-hand vehicles, especially electric and reconditioned vehicles, vehicle insurance and a universal payment ecosystem for charging electric vehicles.

Through these services, Mobilize aims to attract taxi and VTC operators to which it will offer vehicles under subscription. insurance, maintenance, charging and roadside assistance. Likewise, it will offer another car for ‘car-sharing’ operators, the Duo, which is also electric and made with 50% recyclable materials, and will later receive a cargo variant called the Bento. Finally, in 2026 Hippo will be a light ad dedicated to last mile delivery for rental or subscription for companies. This service will be launched earlier with electric units of the Kangoo and Master models.

However, through the automatic collection of data and information, Mobilize will be able to analyze the use of its vehicles and the habits of its users. launch new offers or modify existing offers to optimize fleet management and improve service.

The pillar of the Renault Group

Mobilize has determined a roadmap with this proposal. It will position it as one of the pillars of Groupe Renault in 2030. behind its core business of producing and selling vehicles. For example, the company expects Mobilize Financial Services to sell up to eight million financial services in 2030 and increase to six million by 2025. This is RCI Bank in 2021. and Services will be a 70% growth over the 4.7 million it has sold.

These financial services will include rentals or subscriptions of up to 1.2 million cars by 2030, up from the current 358,000, of which 70% to 80% will be 100% electric. In terms of charging infrastructure, Mobilize expects to have 165,000 chargers spread across Europe, a significant increase from the current 22,000. All these services will generate recurring revenue that will trigger Mobilize’s weight on Groupe Renault’s revenue. From 6% in 2021 to 20% in 2030, exceeding 10% in 2025The year the French consortium expected Mobilize to reach profitability.

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