Summer and high temperatures are just around the corner and with them mosquitoes. In addition, the heavy rains of the last weeks are also an ally of these hateful enemies. vermin become authentic in many parts of Spain. plague. For this reason, different brands and supermarkets have recently offered them for sale in different catalogs. Products to combat mosquitoes, as in Lidl or Aldi.


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especially, latest news Took fighting mosquitoes It is a complete revolution. We tell you how Aldi mosquito repellent lamp.

Aldi’s mosquito lamp

Traditionally we have used sprays and chemical products. finish them off mosquitoesalthough also tricks Y natural home remedies fight against vermin. If you are one of those people who prefer not to use pesticides or pesticides Swatter not enough for your home, Aldi has launched an ideal product for mosquito control.

ALDI ONLINE |  Mosquito lamp to keep your house free from insects

ALDI ONLINE | Mosquito lamp to keep your house free from insects

This is a Lamp It can add a decorative touch to your home with its very effective and design. well aldi mosquito lamp

Who is this product price 14.99 euros, emits ultraviolet light (UV) Attracts mosquitoes and insects to an area of ​​20 metres, making it ideal for indoors, patios or small patios. Its operation could not be simpler, Mosquitoes approach the light and the lamp’s suction mechanism activates, catching the insects. Inside, it prevents them from coming out and biting you or your family.

This aldi mosquito lamp It takes up very little space, is small and easy to relocate. Additionally, its design is very discreet and attractive.

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In aldi online store You can get two versions of the lamp against mosquitoes from the manufacturer Quigg. Available in white and gray, one round and the other oval, the operation is exactly the same and only the design is different.