Giant Shell enters race for offshore wind power boom in Spain

This big energy companies are taking positions in the race to control the distribution of the system. offshore wind The wave of alliances in Spain and internationally continues to grow to enter the new boom that is coming. Anglo-Dutch Giant Shell signs an alliance with Spanish Capital Energy -Big winner of recent renewable energy tenders held by the Government to analyze the development of joint offshore wind projects in the Spanish and Portuguese markets. This is how El Periódico de España publishes it.

Shell has more than two decades of experience in the development of wind infrastructures and more than half a century of experience in oil operations and marine engineering in the North Sea. oil company now Discover your landing at a floating offshore wind farm in Spain It joins hands with Capital Energy, which already has projects with a combined capacity of 2,000 megawatts (MW) and “aims to lead the Spanish offshore wind industry” and contributes to the success of the latest government onshore wind auctions.

Capital Energy, the group founded nearly two decades ago by Jesús Martín Buezas, the prudent descendant of the founders of the La Sepulvedana bus group and now sponsor of Atletico de Madrid, has signed several deals in the past months. Agreements with shipyards and other relevant industrial organizations In the Canary archipelago to exploit offshore wind energy.

Spain is on the edge of the offshore wind revolution that has unfolded in other countries. While wind power giants in the United States, the United Kingdom or Germany are already launching in their waters, our country has lagged behind for an orographic reason: territorial waters are too deep and make it difficult to install wind turbines fixed to the seafloor. Accelerated technological advances for the development of floating offshore wind, which makes it possible to overcome the depth problem, Give Spain the opportunity to join the boom.

In recent months, major energy companies have been designing projects to set up wind farms on the Spanish coast. One of the world leaders in offshore wind energy, Iberdrola has floating projects with a capacity of more than 1,200 megawatts (MW), with planned locations in the Canary Islands and Galicia.

Bluefloat Energy and Şener have projects of around 2,000 MW at various locations, including a giant 1,200 MW off the coast of Galicia. They also designed floating wind plants such as EDP Renovables and Engie, ACS, Greenalia, Enerocean… In total, projects in the portfolio Exceeding 3,000 MW of power and to places off the coast of Galicia, Asturias, the Basque Country, Catalonia, Andalusia or the Canary Islands.

Repsol and Naturgy also confirmed their intention to start the race to control offshore wind power in Spain, and they did so by forming alliances with global giants. strengthen your expansion possibilities. Repsol will join hands with Danish company Ørsted, the world leader in offshore wind power, to set up a national water park, and Naturgy has joined forces with Norwegian Equinor to seek distribution opportunities in the Spanish market.

Currently, the offshore wind power boom in Spain an unspoken promise and an ambitious plan effectively. Last December, the Government approved the Roadmap for the Development of Offshore Wind and Offshore Energy in Spain, the country strategy promoting the deployment of new renewable energies in offshore waters by 2030 with the aim of achieving between 1,000 and 3,000 MW of floating offshore wind power. and energies that are just beginning 60 MW from the sea, such as the use of waves or tides.

Now is the time to lay the foundations to enable expansion. The Ministry of Ecological Transition, led by its Vice-President Teresa Ribera, has completed the opening of the public consultation of the new regulatory framework for the development of offshore wind power in Spain, which should allow the management of uses of the maritime space. avoid unwanted environmental influences. The government plans to hold the first auction for floating offshore wind in early 2023.

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