Shot and killed a 24-year-old in an entertainment district of Salou

A 24-year-old French national shot dead on Monday in the center of Salou (Tarragona) at night. The first statements from patrons of bars in this tourist area are at least three suspects approaching and ripping up the victim without initial discussion. One of the attackers was soon taken down by the citizens, until the first police patrol from the local municipality unit arrived on the scene. Mossos d’Esquadra launched an investigation to find the other two involved. The case shocked several witnesses to the attack, according to some who testified on social networks after seeing a crime live while eating.

Around 10:50 pm, a local Salou police patrol received the following warning from citizens: it had been a murder In Zaragoza street, in front of El Abuelo restaurant. On arrival, uniformed officers found a man lying on the ground held by citizens who claimed he was financially responsible for a murder. Not far from the ground, a young man was also lying on the ground, seriously injured. a few shots. I was unconscious. He fired more than two and three shots, police sources said, but it will be the autopsy that will determine how many bullets he took.

Citizens holding the suspect stood aside for the police teams to arrest him. They found that he was wearing it during the search. strapped to his ankle and a gun hidden under his pants. It was a finding that also revealed the high risk undertaken by citizens who reduced it. The detainee is also a French citizen and is 32 years old.

A video recorded by witnesses published in this newspaper shows how citizens detain the suspect until the local police patrol arrives.

two fugitives

The patrol notified Mossos and the Sistema d’Emergències Mèdiques (SEM). The ambulance arrived and paramedics began to resuscitate the already unconscious victim. Doctors’ efforts were inconclusive and confirmed his death.

After Mossos was briefed by the local police, activated a ‘Gàbia’ device it was confined to the outskirts of Salou to prevent the two suspects mentioned by witnesses from escaping the municipality. The ‘Gàbia’ device is the same device activated in Barcelona after the 17-A attack. This forced the terrorist Youness Abouyaaqoub to open fire on a Mossos patrol to overcome it. It didn’t work tonight. The two suspects involved in the young man’s murder are still missing and the case has been moved to the Criminal Investigation Unit (DIC), which ruled out any more perpetrators.

The main hypothesis used by the researchers is that this is a reckoning due to the absence of the first fight. The murderers had come to kill him. According to the sources referenced by this newspaper, the perpetrator of the murder is one of the two people who can escape.

Source: Informacion


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