Pablo Motos meets the “number one fan” of “El Hormiguero”: “How handsome you are!”

Paul Motorcycles started on mondayanthill‘ with a surprise in public. The host did her usual dance with her team of collaborators, but before being replaced by the guest of the night, Javier Cámara, He stopped to talk to the show’s “number one” fan.

The young woman was wearing a T-shirt that could read this exact phrase on it. Moreover, He had raided the server and its ants Trancas y Barrancas, That’s why Motos didn’t hesitate to take the podium to talk to him.

The driver burst into the audience to greet the girl, who was nervous to have her adored Motos so close: “Oh how handsome you are!”. The young woman explained the reason for declaring herself the number one fan of the show: “I see you every day, I see you more than my family,” making the ants laugh. “You’re like my uncle,” she added.

Motos said goodbye to the slightly offended audience, but it didn’t end there.. Did he say how handsome he is?” asked space producer and co-director Jorge Salvador. “But then he said I reminded him of his uncle,” Motos replied, quickly asking his partner to let him get on with the show.

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