if you are a lover birdsmake sure you know that Species from birds and you will have already fallen in love with him. This love birdsAlso known as “inseparable“It is native to Africa. One of their main features is their short tail and they can be up to 16 centimeters in length. Their appearance little parrots friendly and social, multi colored feathers.


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In fact, this sociability is one of their characteristics, because they find a mate for life, which is why they are called “inseparable”. It is very intriguing to see how their feathers are arranged, played and snuggled together so you will always see them as a pair and they are an ideal option. pet for his character.

Budgerigars usually live between 10 and 15 years. if environments and conditions are suitable, diseases and attacks of raptors and birds of prey such as kestrels.

if you want to adopt a child love birds What petIt is important to note that they are male and female budgies of the same type (for example, agapornis roseicollis, fischeri anyone person) or two males.

What do lovebirds eat?

This lovebird food It should be varied and complete, with a ration of dry feed and seeds and a wet ration such as fruits and vegetables. You have to be careful with the seed mix and the amount of seeds it contains, as they are very fatty and can seriously affect your health, especially your liver, if you eat too much.

This forbidden foods for budgies avocado, parsley, milk, potatoes, carbonated and alcoholic beverages. They should also not eat chocolate or coffee. This love birds Solid foods should not exceed 14% of their body weight, as they are a breed that tends to gain weight.

How to take care of a budgie?

so your love birds They are comfortable and have enough space, ideally their cage should be spacious. For couples, it is recommended that the cage be at least 1 meter long, half a meter wide and deep, rectangular in shape and never more than 1.5 centimeters between the bars so that they do not poke their heads in.

It is convenient for them to have a nest and perches from natural branches, as well as ropes, toys and swings. It is preferable that the two sides of the cage are against the wall, as this gives them a sense of security and prevents drafts and does not receive direct light.

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You should also know that free flight is a must for this. birds. Therefore, you should let them fly once a day, being careful to stay away from danger or poisonous plants.