Las Palmas resident burned in oven after killing her aunt

The National Police took action last Sunday. Arresting a 70-year-old man for allegedly killing his 90-year-old aunt after an argument and after set the corpse on fire In a house in the San Roque neighborhood in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

The finding occurred last Sunday, but the death supposedly occurred days ago, according to sources cited. It seems the woman and her niece they argued and there was the second ended his life with blows. Some of the alleged killer blocks and a wooden makeshift crematorium furnace He intended to dispose of the body.

However, when it started to burn Dense smoke spread alarmed neighbors This alerted the Emergency and Safety Coordination Center (Cecoes) 112, which mobilized firefighters and the National Police.

Crews arriving at the scene confirmed that an elderly woman had died and may have been dead. signs of exposure to a violent death. The same sources stated that the suspect was not at home, but later went to the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Southern Police Station building on Córdoba Street. surrender and accept He said that his 90-year-old aunt, with whom he lived, ended his life. Then the agents began to arrest him as the alleged perpetrator of the murder crime.

The teams affiliated to the Police Department’s Murder Bureau, went to the house in the San Roque district and launched an investigation to try to determine how the man killed his aunt and the reasons that led him to attack until his death.

Source: Informacion


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