Seventeen countries play to qualify for the Eurovision final

A total of 17 countries are playing this Tuesday to advance to the premiere in the first semi-final of the premiere on Saturday, May 14. The biggest favorite to win is the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, in which the Ukrainian Kalush Orchestra participated.

In particular, Albania, Latvia, Lithuania, Switzerland, Slovenia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Moldova, Portugal, Croatia, Denmark, Austria, Iceland, Greece, Norway and Armenia will compete in this section for the 10 finals to be held on Saturday.

One day before the first semi-final, Bets place Ukraine, Greece, Norway, Netherlands, Armenia, Portugal, Albania, Moldova, Latvia and Switzerland as the 10 finalists.. According to bookmakers Denmark, Slovenia and Bulgaria will be the three performers least likely to reach the final.

The gala can be watched on TVE’s La 1 at 9:00 pm and starts with a performance by Albanian Ronela Hajati. with one of the busiest tricks of the night. Albania’s ‘┼×ekret’ has been one of the most queued shows due to its provocative nature. Hajati and her team denounced at the beginning of the week that the dance between the singer and dancer was censored and what they were finally able to perform at the beginning of the rehearsals.

Latvians Citi Zeni continues the show with ‘Eat Your Salad’, one of the most viral songs thanks to its first sentence: ‘I eat vegetables and pussy instead of meat’ (“Instead of meat, like vegetables and pussy”). They do not pronounce this word, but the audience shouts it.

Third, Lithuanian Monika Liu sings ‘Sentimentai’, a ballad she describes as ‘dark disco’; then Swiss Marius Bear will perform ‘Boys Do Cry’ with a performance full of projections both on the stage and on the singer’s face, and will release a giant disco ball for the Slovenian LPS group ‘Disco’ formed in high school.

Representatives of Ukraine, which are big favorites, perform in sixth place with “Stefania”, dedicated to the mother of the singer. After the war, they commented that the song “gained a new meaning” at a time when many people lost their mothers.

Bulgaria is in seventh place with Intelligent Music Project; followed by the Dutch S10 with the dark ballad ‘De Diepte’, one of the pre-contest favourites. Behind him, Moldovan Zdob si Zdub and Fratii Advahov will return the party to the stage with ‘Trenuletul’.

Portugal, the only bid affected by the coronavirus this year, will finally be able to do everything as planned.. Milhanas, one of Maro’s showgirls, tested positive for Covid-19 on Wednesday, but will be able to perform with her friends after several negative tests. The song is called ‘Saudade, saudade’.

Croatian Mia Dimsic brings a story of heartbreak with her pop song ‘Guilty Pleasure’; Danish Rejection brings one of the rock performances of the night with ‘The Show’. Austria, represented by Pia Maria and Lum!x, will lift the spirits with one of the liveliest songs, ‘Halo’, followed by Icelandic Systur singing in their own language.

Three of the favorites will close the premiere: Greek Amanda Tenfjord with her powerful ballad ‘Die Together’, one of the most acclaimed in the press room. Norwegian Subwoolfer will surprise with ‘Give That Wolf a Banana’ with their show from the Moon. Finally, Armenian Rosa Linn presents one of the most elaborate staging for her ‘Snap’.

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