A fireball ten times brighter than a full moon is planting meteors in a US city

Days after a powerful fireball exploded in the skies of Mississippi in the United States, the severity of this phenomenon still shocks residents of this and two other states where it is visible. An extraordinarily bright meteor has covered several places with rocky remains recovered by experts as well as ‘meteorite hunters’. eager to profit. As confirmed by NASA, it is one of the largest fireballs ever recorded in the United States this century.

The event took place at eight o’clock in the morning on the 27th, when a very large meteorite (what scientists call fireballs) appeared. penetrated the earth’s atmosphere at a speed of 88,500 kilometers per hourIt broke into pieces on the way down.

piece removed from bolide agencies

“This is one of the best events of its kind I’ve ever seen,” said Bill Cooke, head of NASA’s Meteoroid Office in Huntsville, Alabama.

The object has completed disintegration at an altitude of about 55 kilometers It’s in a swampy area north of Concordia Parish, Louisiana. A witness told the Vicksburg Post that he heard a loud noise and then saw it in the sky”an orange fireball the size of a basketball, there’s a white tail behind him,” heading west towards the Mississippi River.

One of the relics recovered by NASA PAN

NASA, at maximum brightness instant, lThe fireball reached an intensity ten times greater than the full moon.. Also, the breakdown of the bolide produced enough energy to create shock waves that propagated through the ground and caused vibrations in buildings and homes. Apparently, the explosion would have been equivalent to the explosion caused by three tons of TNT, according to the NASA Meteoroid Office.

Manager Bill Cooke said: the meteorite was one foot in diameter (about 30 centimeters). He added that it would be among the five largest fireballs observed since the 19th century.

Since then, intense searches have been carried out for its remains in areas close to the point where the bolide disintegrated, for both scientific and economic reasons. Cooke said: Depending on the type of meteorite, it could be sold for three dollars a gram..

Expert researchers have already located a large number of relics that were investigated to determine the precise structure of this celestial body and its origin in the Solar System.

The city of Natchez on the coast of the Mississippi seems to be where most of the ruins end. bolide

Such astronomical events are relatively common all over the world, but they do not always reach a luminosity equivalent to ten times the full moon, and it is not possible to recover their remnants on land.


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