At least 43 prisoners killed in riot in a prison in Ecuador

The number of prisoners who died earlier this Monday in a new riot, this time around over prison From the city of Santo Domingo de los Tsachilas, Located in the center of Ecuador, 43 deadState Attorney General reported.

The prosecutor’s office stated in a message on Twitter: “There are 43 dead prisoners so far” It drew attention minutes after Interior Minister Patricio Carrillo announced at a press conference that 41 inmates had died.

“Most, if not 100 percent, are visible to the naked eye, they were deprived of life not by firearm, but by knifeCarrillo said at a press conference.

Minister, the majority of bodies “They were exhibited and attacked in pavilions and cells” and recaptured. 112 people were deprived of their liberty, qThey were already out of prison, some to save their lives, some to escape.

The National Police is organized and coordinated with the Armed Forces. roads connecting the prison to the canton (municipality) are protected and with the rest of the state of Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas.

Carrillo noted that 13 people (some seriously) were injured in the clashes at the prison. occurred among a criminal organization that was looking for him. “Los Lobos” and another opposition criminal group calling itself “R7”.

Due to the seriousness of some injuriesThe minister did not rule out that the death toll could rise in the coming hours.

Carrillo described what happened at the ‘Bellavista’ detention center as “persecution”, noting that it was the same group that recently caused another clash that killed 20 inmates at Turi prison in the southern Andean city of Cuenca. at least ten people were injured.

The minister considered gang leaders should be subject to stricter disciplinary regimes.

according to the officialSearches after the events found “encaletadas (concealed) firearms”.

Other matches

in Ecuador, Nearly 400 prisoners died in the last two years in clashes between rival organisations. It is linked to drug trafficking, which, according to authorities, challenges the internal control of prisons and has consequences inside and outside prisons.

Recently, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) published a report on this subject. Prison crisis in Ecuador as he summons the government restoring internal control of prisons, providing favorable conditions for prisoners and developing crime prevention policies where incarceration does not prevail.

had until the end of 2021 More than 36,000 prisoners in 36 centers, Although overcrowding reaches 62% in prisons such as Guayaquil, the country’s most crowded with 7,231 inmates and the scene of the bloodiest cases last year, it is among the prisons with a capacity of 30,000 and social rehabilitation centers.

To resolve the prison crisis, the government of president Guillermo Lasso, In the process of hiring 1,400 new prison officersGrant approximately 5,000 pardons to prisoners convicted of petty crimes and develop the nation’s first human rights policy for the prison population.

Source: Informacion


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