Monegal’s critique: Puigdemont-Russia connection on TV-3 is not fascinating

That’s the job of meetings PuigdemontThe day before the announcement of the DUI, with the emerging Russian envoys NEWSPAPER FROM CATALONIA, together with the international journalists group Bellingcat, a media belonging to the same editorial group as this newspaper, came to the fore on state teleaket channels. They gave him a compliment this afternoon at A-3 Noticias. quarter, Risto Mejide interviewed our colleague Isa G. Albalatand reported that Puigdemont’s office has already acknowledged meeting with “a so-called representative of President Putin.”

I recommend continuing this research. Apparently not a single Russian ambassador, but several that were received by the then ‘president’ in his official residence. According to one of those present, they have considered recruiting billions of dollars or rubles, 10,000 Russian soldiers there, and setting up a large cryptocurrency bank outside the EU. And all this at Casa dels Canonges with host Puigdemont, the day before the DUI was announced. I’m telling you to follow the topic because you can’t learn anything like which button you press on the remote control. For example, on TV-3 this topic is not interesting. Shut up and hide is the password. At the time I was closing this article, I only saw a short 15-second brushstroke on the ‘Planta baixa’. Let’s see if they dare to say anything on ‘TN vespre’ tonight.

Sometimes I think it’s better for them to stay quiet while the current TV-3 is wasting them. When they don’t like reality, they often create imaginary stories, the opposite of what happens, it drives our neurons crazy for a few days. Our colleague on April 15 Marc Marginedas Here at El PeriĆ³dico de Catalunya, he told us how Russian television transformed the reality of war in Ukraine. This Saturday, on ‘Sixth Night’, Russian network hosts were also shown, intoxicating the audience with the slogan: “It is urgent to set up concentration camps and continue the mass sterilization of Ukrainians.” Dude, this is a very crude and primitive “agit prop” job by the Russians. These bulky, apocalyptic hues are rough. Not intoxicatingly modern. They are not up to date. All things considered, these Russian agents going to Casa dels Canonges should have gone to Sant Joan DespĆ­. Not to suggest anything, but to take courses and learn.

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