State to pay 3,000 euros to a woman who was subjected to degrading treatment by police at a train station in Cordoba

The National Supreme Court ordered the state to pay compensation. 3 thousand euro compensation for the woman Condemning the wounds he suffered while in detention on 27 January 2013, Córdoba is a police action where the UN has seen “reasonable evidence of cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment”.

The decision of the Disputed Chamber comes after that. a long judicial road taken by those affected, He reported four police officers who arrested him in January 2013 and who, after a series of negative statements, reached the United Nations (UN) Committee against Torture.

After reviewing the case, this institution urged Spain to provide the case “Full and adequate compensation for the suffering caused, including compensation for material and moral damage and rehabilitation measures.”

The woman presented in this way in February 2021 Patrimonial request to the Ministry of Internal Affairs however, after the deadline, without any decision, went to the National Supreme Court, appealing the “alleged dismissal” of his application.

In response, this court issued a judgment condemning the State to commit a crime. Pay 3,000 euros in compensation and reminds that, in accordance with the Committee’s decision, it has failed to fulfill its obligation to provide medical assistance and full compensation to the claimant.

plaintiff On January 27, 2013, he was arrested at Adif station in Cordoba in 2013. It was caused by a series of injuries that, according to him, resulted in a broken nose, by four agents of the National Police who requested to search the bag and “when they found a bag that did not belong to the author”. complaint.

Violation of your rights

a day laterthe woman reported four policemen; On January 31, 2014, Order Court No. 1 of Córdoba archived the case, this decision was upheld by the Third Chamber of the County Court of Cordoba on July 10 of the same year.

After the entire judicial journey, he points out that one of the possible mechanisms could be that of the court, as there is no record in the National Court decision that the damage caused was repaired. the administration’s claim to patrimonial responsibility.

And unless full and sufficient compensation is made for the damage caused, “the violation of human rights he has declared continues, continues and continues” that is, “no one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.”

After the committee announced violated his right, non-execution of the said decision “continues the violation in question” and underscores that in this case “a long period of time is allowed to pass without necessary and complete enforcement”.

Despite the plaintiff’s claim for compensation based on the expert’s report, 8931 Euros, The court estimates the amount of 3,000 euros as “sufficient and thoroughly restorative”.

Source: Informacion


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