Lawsuit filed against Ukrainian sailor who tried to sink Russian businessman’s yacht in Palma

Palma filed a lawsuit against the 9th order court. Taras OstapchukUkrainian sailor who tried to sink the luxury yacht Lady Anastasia on February 26, owned by a Russian king and docked in Adriano Port, in retaliation for the invasion of his country. The court decided temporary dismissal due to the impossibility of finding the sailor, to be blamed minor damage offense who went to his country to enlist in the army days after the events.

The incident occurred on February 26, just one week after Russia invaded Ukraine. Taras Ostapchuk, a citizen of Ukraine, who worked as the chief engineer on the yacht Lady Anastasiasaw on television footage of the missile bombardment of residential buildings in Kiev and The owner of the Russian millionaire decided to file a lawsuit against the owner of the ship. arms factories and closely linked to Vladimir Putin. In order to sink the yacht, the sailor opened two valves inside the ship, causing water leaks.

Lady Anastasia, though badly damaged, did not sink as other sailors closed the valves. Ostapchuk was arrested by the Civil Guard and released after testifying in court. From the very beginning, he accepted his responsibility for the events. “I decided to go to Ukraine to fight for my country, and this was my first battle,” he told Diario de Mallorca.

The next day, the man went to Ukraine, where he joined the army to join the defense of his country. Meanwhile, his lawyer in Mallorca,Lawyer Neus Canyelles asked for the compensation case to be dropped. With a decision that the court of order number 9 announced to the public in the past few days, “All efforts to locate the person under investigation, who apparently went to Ukraine to fight the Russian occupation, have failed.” The President of the court reminds that the holding of the hearing requires a subpoena of the person under investigation, therefore, given the ignorance of his whereabouts, efforts to find him must continue. Meanwhile, he decides to drop the case temporarily.

Meanwhile, the luxury yacht is being held in line with the government’s moves to confiscate assets from Russian oligarchs in retaliation for the invasion of Ukraine.

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