Tarpishchev explained ATP’s refusal to suspend Russian tennis players

The head of the FTR, Shamil Tarpishchev, explained the refusal of the ATP to remove the Russians with the words “this is business”

President of the Russian Tennis Federation (RTF) Shamil Tarpishchev explained the refusal of the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) to expel Russian athletes. His words are reported by Championship.com.

“This is business. Last year we became the first in the world, winning three cups (ATP Cup, Davis Cup, Billie Jean King— approx. “Tapes.ru”), Tokyo (at the 2020 Olympics, the Russians won gold and silver in the mixed) approx. “Tapes.ru”), Daniil Medvedev won the US Open. The first nation in tennis,” Tarpishchev said. He emphasized that spectators in this sport go to specific athletes.

Tarpischev recalled that most tournaments are held by the ATP and the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA), private organizations. “The International Federation (ITF) owns youth tournaments, partly Grand Slam tournaments, which are generally in the hands of countries – the US, Australia, France, Great Britain,” explained the ITF head, adding admit that in the removal of the Russians there is no benefit to the organizers.

On March 1, the ATP announced it would allow the Russians to compete in neutral status. Tennis players in tournaments are deprived of the flag and anthem. At the same time, the ITF took a tougher stance and banned Russian athletes from competing under its auspices.

Source: Lenta


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