Psychologists warn of the development of addiction to TikTok

Psychologists at the University of Trinidad and Tobago warn that people can become psychologically dependent on TikTok. They talk about it in an article published in the journal. Addictive Behaviors.

The researchers interviewed 354 students, 173 of whom used TikTok and 313 of them Facebook (the company that owns Meta is considered an extremist organisation). Participants stated whether they had obsessive thoughts about these social networks, had a desire to use them more, whether they logged into TikTok or Facebook to forget about their personal problems, felt anxious or frustrated when they could not access the social network, and whether they tried to cut it out. reduced its activities. has time. Participants also filled out questionnaires assessing personality traits.

The majority of TikTok users were not addicted to the social network. 25.4% of the participants were in the low-risk group and 6.4% in the high-risk group. As in previous Facebook addiction studies, TikTok addicts were also high in extraversion and loneliness scores.

“While most people use TikTok without issue, the study shows that the risk of overuse and problematic use exists and is associated with addictive behaviors that can potentially negatively impact people’s daily lives,” said the study’s authors.

Scientists explained that social networks facilitate interaction between people, but do not solve problems with loneliness or low self-esteem. If TikTok and other social networks are taking up too much of your time and trying to leave them only causes irritation and breakdowns, you should contact a professional.

Source: Gazeta


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