Europe’s largest desalination plant under project in Cartagena

cutting Tagus-Segura transferHE climate change or overuse aquifers They served as arguments to promote what would happen in the Levantine basin. sea ​​water treatment plant Europe’s largest. To be located in Escombreras Valley (Cartagena), annual production 600 cubic meters desalinated water plans new reservoir in Jumilla and its target bridging water resources Region of Murcia will suffer. In this context, the company estimates that “in the near future Segura will need around 1,500 hm3 per year”.

Vols Partners, the developer, created this macro project, which managed to take the first steps in the long process that awaited him within the public administrations. The purpose of the designed facility, «Solve all the vulnerabilities of the Community of the Murcia Region both in the current situation and in the near future in the Segura basin region».

The company believes that with “predictable”, water shortages will increase in the long run. contribution discounts that climate change will produce in the water source of the basin”. desalinated volume doubles the amount of water this comes in one year via Transfer.

Behind this venture is a businessman from Cartagena. jose david morenowhose project is at the stage of public consultation, Ministry of Ecological Transitionbefore a regular environmental impact assessment (the most important review of the potential impacts of all environmental legislation). The construction of the desalination plant using the reverse osmosis technique will allow a daily production of 1.6 million cubic meters. This the brine produced reaches 978 hm3/year emptied into the Mediterranean.

Escombreras valley (Cartagena) where macro desalination plant is planned Ivan Urquizar

The businessman organizing the project will have signed agreements with various irrigation communities to supply the generated resources for approximately 10000 TL. 55 cents per cubic meterAs La Opinión de Murcia of the Prensa Ibérica group found out. The plant would produce Seven times more desalinated water than Torrevieja (the largest in the Eastern Mediterranean at 80 hm3 per year). The planned investment will exceed 2,000 million euros.

third major dam

Before reaching this point in the process, the company submitted a preliminary document to the General Directorate of Community Water, in which it summarized the idea and underlined the water supply needs for specific agricultural areas of the Segura basin. This also implied the possibility of distributing the generated resources to the waterers in Alicante and Almería.

The general management finally replied that the proposal should stick. only to an autonomous region and stepped back from the idea of ​​announcing a public interest project that would speed up the process: «It is not possible to declare only general interest This is a privately initiated effort, but any privately launched desalination plant that could affect various autonomous communities, such as the La Campana desalination plant (the name of the hill on which part of the plant will be located in Escombreras), cannot be allowed. , because the Water Law reveals that it is a mandate. exclusively to the state. The request should be limited to the scope of a single autonomous community.

Escombreras desalination plant European Press

Considering this situation, the document sent to the Ministry Puts aside the initial idea of ​​using the Cenajo reservoir as a desalinated water tank. After examining various alternatives, the project The new reservoir on the Rambla de la Raja in Jumilla, above the Judío dam and north of the Sierra de la Pila. The infrastructure wall will be 80 meters above the canal level and will have a holding capacity of 230 hm3, which is more than the Fuensanta reservoir in Alicante (210 hm3) and slightly less than La Pedrera (246 hm3). would be Third largest dam in Segura. The organizer has already spoken to the Segura Hydrographic Confederation, which will be responsible for processing most of the project to “adapt the proposed solution to legal requirements”.

The company says the idea will also prevent “water from desalination from mixing with continental water, which creates unfair social rejection while not having a negative impact on their quality,” the company says. CHS already pointed to this newsroom last year this project is “not applicable”.

230 kilometers of canals and pipelines

The mega desalination plant will be associated with the construction of various infrastructures such as pipelines to the projected reservoir. channels of Lorca, Cartagena or Alicante after transferup to 230 km long; three edit tuesdays related to the machine to drive water, booster substations, high voltage overhead lines or two emissaries about two kilometers (one to take out, the other to unload) to cross the Sierra de la Fausilla south of Escombreras.

The desalination plant will be fed from one side solar plant In the municipality of Caravaca de la Cruz, with a production of 2,700 megawatts and an area of ​​​​5,330 hectares, it is similar to the municipality of Librilla and twice as much as others such as San Pedro or Los Alcázares.

They are promoting another plant in Cartagena with a production of 25 hm3.

Escombreras has become a business attraction for desalinated water production. Beyond the community-run facility, whose construction will bring former regional president Ramón Luis Valcárcel to his bench, another project flies over the industrial valley. The company Montexplo, which is owned by the shareholders of the already operating desalination plant of the ACS group, plans to establish a new plant with a production of 25 cubic meters per year.


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