Popular Asian country only allows vaccinated tourists with a PCR test

Singapore will allow vaccinated tourists with one PCR test from April 1

From April 1, Singapore authorities will allow fully vaccinated tourists into the country on one PCR test. The easing is reported in a document published on the state’s official information portal.

Under the new rules, fully vaccinated tourists and children under the age of 12 can only enter the popular Asian country with a PCR test, which must be taken at least two days before departure. At the same time, nine coronavirus vaccines are recognized in Singapore, including Moderna, Pfizer and Astrazeneca, but no Russian drugs are on the list.

Unvaccinated travelers are only allowed to enter Singapore on special grounds. In addition to taking a PCR test before traveling, they must undergo a seven-day self-isolation on arrival and then pass another test for coronavirus.

Also, from April 1, the Vaccinated Travel Lanes (VTL) scheme, where vaccinated passengers used special flights to enter the country, and the quota for the number of vaccinated tourists arriving will be canceled.

Earlier in March, the Russian government signed a decree listing states whose unfriendly actions are directed against the country, its businesses and citizens. The approved list is headed by the US, Canada and EU countries, Great Britain with its territories, as well as Ukraine, Montenegro, Switzerland, Albania, Andorra, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, San Marino, North Macedonia, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Micronesia, New Zealand, Singapore and Taiwan.

Source: Lenta


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