Rare musk deer video filmed in Khakassia

Employees of the reserve “Pozarym named after VM Zimina filmed a musk deer

State inspectors when patrolling the territory of the federal reserve “Pozarym named after VM Zimin” observed the Siberian musk deer. The video appeared in the community reserve “Khakassky” in “VKontakte”.

“This is a rare instance where a musk deer allows someone to get so close to themselves. This is a very shy species, leading a mostly crepuscular lifestyle. Usually, all musk deer photo facts from camera traps are captured at night,” the reserve’s staff said.

It is noted that the intensive hunting of the Siberian musk deer is caused by the high demand and the highest price of the musk it secretes. Due to poaching, the animal is threatened with destruction and is included in the Red Book of the Republic of Khakassia.

“This species is under protection in the mountain taiga areas of the Khakassky Nature Reserve and the Pozarym, named after the VM Zimin Reserve. Based on scientific research and the latest monitoring data, more than 1,000 individuals of this species live in the reserve,” the report said.

Source: Lenta


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