Woman stuck in quarantined restaurant and eats all night for free

The customer was trapped in a closed restaurant and ate until she was released

In China’s Zhengzhou district, a woman was trapped in a restaurant closed due to a COVID-19 found at one of the visitors, and ate for free all night. Writes about it Insider.

A woman named Wang said she had dinner with friends at a restaurant on Friday, March 18. Her friends left first and a few minutes later she was about to follow them, but as soon as she got up from the table she was told that the establishment was closing immediately due to quarantine as a case of COVID-19 had been discovered. As a result, Wang was locked in the company of 30 additional visitors.

The Chinese woman admitted that the restaurant isn’t the worst place for forced isolation and that she ate until she felt she couldn’t move. After the client was released from the institution, she was advised to self-isolate for 13 days.

It was previously reported that a Chinese couple, who accidentally ended up on an extended date due to the quarantine in connection with the threat of COVID-19, decided to get married. Despite the strange beginnings of the relationship, the young people fell in love with each other.

Source: Lenta


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