Ribera defends Midcat gas pipeline but with “third-party financing”

Third Vice President and Minister of Ecological Transition, Theresa RiveraHe defended the Midcat gas pipeline, which would connect the Spanish grid. France. But in his speech at the Reunió Cercle d’Economia in Barcelona, ​​he stressed that there must be “third party financing” as it is a question of security of supply at the European level. Union (EU).

In response to questions from the audience, led by Cercle president Javier Faus, he felt it necessary to coordinate the bet with France, and analyze the useful life of the infrastructureso it can then carry biogas or green hydrogen.

Ribera explained that France’s stance against Midcat had to import electricity from Spain and other countries as it had paralyzed half of its nuclear power, and reopened it, albeit conditionally. discussion about interconnects.

And this also affects electrical interconnections. In this sense, he underlined that there is no other good or service. limitations electricity It will be exchanged between European Union (EU) countries.

He also explained that it was “gratifying” to see it. European Union on reducing energy dependency Russia. “We’re looking for ways to change or replace imports from this country, and we’re doing it in a coordinated way,” and there is consensus that this is becoming an opportunity to reduce dependency, he said.

Also considered “key” lower profit thus reducing the energy price for families and industries.

Source: Informacion


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