Increase in commercial aircraft deliveries boosts Airbus profit 2.37x

Airbus made a profit of 1,219 million euros in the first quarter meaning of the year multiply by 2.37 The European aerospace manufacturer announced this Wednesday that it has it in the same period of 2021.

The first three months of the year for Airbus, especially increase in commercial aircraft deliveriesIt went from 125 between January and March 2021 to 142 in the same months this year.

In terms of billing, overall increase was 15% In a statement made by the company, it was stated that this increased by 17% to 12,000 million euros, of which 8,541 million corresponds to this segment of commercial aircraft. The group’s net operating profit (Ebit) multiplied by 2.09 to €1,429 million ($1,500), again the bulk of which came from the commercial aircraft division: € 1,242 million (about $1,300 million), 262% more.

CEO Guillaume Faury is a snapshot of first quarter results. “robust” behavior of all partitionstherefore, the company has confirmed its 2022 targets. plans to deliver 720 aircraft this year to generate adjusted Ebit cash flows of €5.5 billion (approximately $5.7 billion) and €3.5 billion (approx.

Faury also developed another long-term goal that demonstrates confidence. recovery will continue in the medium term.

Having previously stated that it plans to increase the production rate of the A320, the flagship family of single-aisle aircraft, from just over 40 units per month in 2021 to 65 in the summer of 2023, Airbus is increasing it to 75 per month in 2025.

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