Masseur who sexually abused 13-year-old girl in Palma sentenced to 6 years in prison

the second part of the chapter Palma Court he has A masseur was sentenced to six years in prison on Wednesday morning for sexual abuse to a 13 year old girl Palm. Moreover must compensate the minor with 12,000 euros Legal liability for the moral damage suffered by the minor and payment of 2,200 Euros for the medical expenses of the treatment he has been exposed to. During the view, the accused appeared before the press photographers and waved the umbrella menacingly. Given this violent behavior, presiding officer informed the police and an agent lifted the umbrella in question.

There were events in which he was convicted at the Palma Court. Between August 2016 and the end of 2017 At a masseur’s office in Palma he was 72 years old, Y The victim was 13 years old. “Thanks to his friendship with his family, he has united with a great trusting relationship”states the prosecutor in his indictment.

The minor’s family asked the accused to give a massage because he was working for the minor. Then he called the girl to come to his house in Palma. What started as a lumbar massage caused the girl to touch her breasts. “in a sensual mood”. touched her first over her bra, but then forced her to take it off on the pretext “see his bodily development”.

Then the so-called masseur He gestured for the little one to lower his pants. tracked movement touched his groin and groin. This behavior with the girl kept him inside. a dozen times. In one of them he inserted his fingers into her vagina. The meeting took place only once at the victim’s home. Sitting in an armchair, now condemned he lowered his hand to his pants and touched his genitals. She also asked him to lift his shirt to see her breasts.

As a result of sexual abuse of the alleged masseur, presents a picture after minor acute stress. He has been undergoing psychological treatment for this problem since November 2018.

The prosecutor first demanded a 12-year prison sentence for the accused for allegedly sexually abusing a child under the age of 16. As a result of the compliance agreement reached, this demand has been reduced by half. This was summed up in the ‘voice’ sentence delivered in Court on Wednesday. The judicial decision also includes a ten-year ban within 200 meters of the victim and many other supervised liberties. Before the trial, the accused transferred 6,000 euros, half of the civil liability claimed.

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