Lily of the valley (Convallaria majalis ) or also called convalaria or muguete herb which is valuable and aromatic flowers born and shaped in clusters blueberries. It occurs in parts of Central Europe and can only be seen in certain parts of the Pyrenees and Basque Country in Spain. However, it is possible to grow it in pots and enjoy this beautiful and fragrant flower at home. We will tell you how to sew. lilies of the valley in a pot and the care they need to grow bright.


  • Perfect shrub to plant at home and naturally perfume your entire home

  • Mastic is a shrub with red berries that would be perfect on your terrace or garden.

How to plant lilies of the valley in pots?

This lilies of the valley can be grown perfectly at home. You just need a large pot because they will grow so fast and will soon outgrow their pots. pan. Of course if a Home & Gardenplanting them there is the best option and they will be able to thrive whenever they want.

In any case, if you are going to plant it in a pot, you should definitely put it on the terrace, otherwise you should put it in a flower pot. well ventilated area your house

Lilies of the valley will add a fresh and natural atmosphere to your home. pixabay

The best time to plant lilies of the valley is autumn, and in addition to a large pot, you need some kind of substrate that is easy to drain.

Lily of the valley will look great in any pot pixabay

Lily of the valley care

Despite their delicate flowers and the fragile appearance these plants give, the truth is that they are quite hardy and do not require extensive care to survive in our homes. We’ll detail the basic care needed by lilies of the valley.

As we said before, these plants should be outdoors and they withstand the cold very well, so when winter comes you can eat them on the terrace without worry. If you have them indoors, store them in a cool place and where heating does not give them directly.

Lily of the valley flowers are very fragrant pixabay

If you want the beautiful flowers of the lily of the valley to be flawless, you should pay attention to its watering. The soil for these plants needs to be moist at all times, but be careful not to overwater it, as excess water can rot its roots or cause fungi to appear, which can be very dangerous for the plant.

This plant does not need to be pruned, just remove leaves and wilted flowers.

If your plant is weak, you can put it. little fertilizer when spring comes, but don’t overdo it as excess can damage it.

Watch out for lily-of-the-valley toxicity

These precious little flowers are poisonous, so it’s okay to keep them at home out of reach of children and pets.