Consell will approve 85 million to build the City of Justice on Friday

The Consul will approve 85.5m euros this Friday to finance the Alicante City of Justice. This was announced to Minister of Justice Gabriela Bravo after meeting with legal operators in Alicante.

According to the estimates, the tender period will open after the budget expenditure is approved, so that interested companies can submit their projects for execution within a month. According to this calendar, the works would be delivered at the end of July and work would begin at the end of September. The construction period of the works is 33 months, but according to the minister, the proposals of the construction companies that undertake to reduce this time from the evaluation criteria will receive more points.

Bravo assured that this was “very good news for the city of Alicante. It was a historic claim.” Recalling how this project was downgraded in the past, the Minister said, “In the past, Alicante was left behind when the Judicial Infrastructure Plan was launched by the PP. Palaces of Justice were built in other provincial capitals such as Valencia and Castell√≥n. In other cities of less importance than Alicante, and it was strictly discriminated against. It’s just Conselleria It’s a commitment not by .

Source: Informacion


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